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Data Strategy

as a service for the Financial World. 

About Us


CP Capital works with financial institutions, investment managers, and corporations to enable them to leverage data as a competitive edge. We offer these services through an outsourced data strategist model to streamline high quality data sourcing, vendor negotiations, data onboarding, and other strategic initiatives. CP Capital also engages with data owners and sellers to optimize their go-to-market strategies and monetize their data assets. 



Chris was previously Head of Data Strategy at ExodusPoint Capital Management, where he managed global data sourcing and strategic enterprise data efforts across both quantitative and discretionary teams trading all asset classes. He was also a data strategist at WorldQuant. Before joining WorldQuant, Chris held various finance, data, and management roles at iHeart Radio and PepsiCo. Chris earned his MBA from NYU Stern in Economics, Financial Markets, and Global Business and BS in Financial Economics at SUNY Binghamton.

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Prioritization - Which data to look at first? Focus on what will add the most value to your process, without being overwhelmed by a firehose of up and coming providers.


Accelerate Evaluation - The more stones you turn over, the greater the likelihood of finding diamonds. Spend more time on data that has greater potential, while quickly avoiding inferior offerings by leveraging our industry experience.

Ingestion - Do you build this in house or do you outsource? Is there alpha in the cleansing and ingestion process alone for your firm?

Alpha and Attribution - Which data is providing what kind of value? Did a dataset increase your profitability, or help you avoid losses in certain regions or sectors? Which teams are using it?

Centralization - Streamline communications and pipelines to avoid bottlenecks and create sustainable and scalable processes to handle the data lifecycle.


Sales Process - Review trial and on-boarding processes to help accelerate sales.

Competitive Landscape - Figure out where on the value chain you fit vs. competing offerings.

Global Networking - Targeted introductions to decision makers at prospective clients to build your customer base. Also partner with other top vendors in the space to create new, innovative product offerings.

Compliance - Review of internal data controls. Data protection regulations are proliferating around the globe: GDPR in the European Union is just the beginning.

Data Quality - Ensure your data is clean and well documented. It is critical to not only showcase strengths but be able to address weaknesses to potential customers.

Monetize Data Assets - Build a unique data asset and optimize your go-to-market strategy. Build out use cases that will resonate with your target audience. Avoid common pitfalls by leveraging the experience of our "buyer's mindset" perspective.

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